Slime Making

It's Slime Time! Come join in the fun at our slime making workshops.

Workshops run for 15 min and cost $5 per person.

Spaces are limited so bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Important Info

Our workshops use Elmers Glue, Elmers Magical Liquid and Derivan Kindyglitz Glue. These products are non-toxic and washable. For more information please refer to the manufacturers' website Elmers and Derivan

A little heads-up for any parents who are new to slime   =========>>>>>>


Sand Art


Fun for all ages. Enjoy bringing your picture to life with coloured sand.

$5 per picture

Cupcake Decorating


Fancy making your own sweet treat? Pop along to our cupcake decorating stall and whip up a sweet sensation. You might want to even stop by the Lolly Stall on the way for a few extra special toppings.

$3 per cupcake

Face Painting


Always a fete favourite with the kids, come and see Fancy Faces Face Painting for a colourful transformation

$10 half face

Henna Tattoo


The Pure Soul Henna artists are bound to mesmerise with stunning temporary henna tattoos