Notes & News

Unfortunately the P&C is unable to host the Great Fete in 2017. We hope to form a new fete committee late in 2017 in order to host the Great Fete again in 2018. We apologise to our valued stall holders, sponsors and to the wider Samuel Gilbert Community for any inconvenience.

Principal Sponsors 2016

Major Sponsors 2016


Have fun, meet new people and support a great cause! We need parents and friends of Samuel Gilbert Public School to help out on stalls and activities on Fete Day and/or in the lead up to The Great Fete.

Wrapping hampers, sorting Trash n Treasure, making cakes, and simply spreading the word to all your friends and family are all positive ways you can help. Whether 1-2 hours or several days, we're always grateful for assistance, and you can even bring small kids along to some of the school-hour tasks.

Image courtesy: Peter Secheny Photography.