Notes & News

Unfortunately the P&C is unable to host the Great Fete in 2017. We hope to form a new fete committee late in 2017 in order to host the Great Fete again in 2018. We apologise to our valued stall holders, sponsors and to the wider Samuel Gilbert Community for any inconvenience.

Principal Sponsors 2016

Major Sponsors 2016

P&C President's Message

Thanks to everyone helping to prepare for the 2016 Great Fete at Samuel Gilbert Public School!

Each year, the event involves the whole community, with local businesses, families, and the school playing a huge role in its success.

The fete is a fun, friendly and well organised day that attracts thousands of visitors.

In previous years fundraising from the fete has allowed the School to purchase white boards, learning materials, computing equipment and software, air conditioning and other resources and infrastructure.

Thank you to everyone in the community for your support.

Thank you to both the school community and broader community for your support. To become a part of this amazing day in 2016 please see Contact Us and Get Involved.

Jackie Coleman
P&C President, Samuel Gilbert Public School